Conker House in Ghana

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, Conker House is proud to have strong links with the charity, The Pelican Post. At the moment, The Pelican Post is running a particularly exciting initiative known as ProjectKALA – Keeping African Languages Alive. Launched back in November 2015, we have now translated, printed and shipped 3,000 bilingual copies (in English and Fante) of Handa’s Surprise (Walker Books) to Ghana. Allowing children to read books in their mother tongue is key to keeping these languages alive.

Next week, a member of the Conker House team will be heading out to Ghana to see the impact that ProjectKALA is having on the children and teachers. The visit will start with meetings in Accra with the Ghana Education Service to see how we can expand the initiative. The second stage of the trip will involve many visits to schools in the Elmina District to monitor and evaluate the benefits of the books.

Conker House is also delighted to be embarking on a collaboration with The Sabre Trust, a charity with a focus on creating a brighter future for school children in Ghana. From building schools to teacher training, the work of The Sabre Trust is making a huge impact on improving education in Ghana. Always happy to embrace new ways of championing creativity in publishing, Conker House will be working with the charity to produce teacher training manuals and materials.

Stay tuned to the Conker House blog for more updates from Ghana!

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