Conker House in Ghana: The Sabre Trust

Through our links with The Pelican Post, we’ve enjoyed some very enriching Ghanaian encounters which we have loved blogging about. However, it’s not the only collaboration which has allowed us to share our Conker House expertise with the schools of Ghana. Last summer, we embarked on our most ambitious project yet and felt very fortunate to work with The Sabre Charitable Trust.

The project’s aim was to edit, design, illustrate and print teaching manuals for the kindergarten curriculum – the first resources of their kind in the country. Totalling over 2,000 pages across 21 manuals and covering topics as diverse as phonics and behaviour to plants and professions, the teacher training materials were given a thorough overhaul. The fabulous illustrations were created by Nick Sellers who brought his creativity and endless patience to the project. Print was dealt with efficiently and effectively by our friends at Jellyfish, resulting in a set of incredibly professional resources to ship out to Ghana.

The Sabre Trust has shared these photos of the manuals with us, which show them in use in Ghana. It’s proved to be a real milestone in their programme and they are delighted with the positive feedback from partners to date. Dominic Bond, Chief Executive Officer of The Sabre Trust, was kind enough to say of Conker House, “We could not have asked for a more skilled, patient, diligent and supportive partner”.

As our desks pile high with new and interesting projects for 2018, it’s important to take a moment to look back on what our projects have achieved to date. We very much set Conker House up with the aim of working on projects that would truly enrich people’s lives and this collaboration with The Sabre Trust could not be a more rewarding example of that – it has been a privilege to play a part in inspiring these Ghanaian children on the lifelong journey of learning.


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