Taking the Time

We pride ourselves on the wide range of projects that we work on here at Conker House and that breadth of interest certainly keeps us motivated and engaged. Despite the disparate nature of current projects on our desks, it feels like quite a few of them are sending us the same message – that it’s important to take the time.

In her most recent blog, Fiona Murden urges us to take the time to get to know the people around us. As she points out, “Everyone has their own story, each one of us has experienced different things and lived life in a unique and personal way”. Unless we pause and talk to people, or more importantly, listen to people, we will never discover that wealth of stories.

We all too easily become absorbed by phones, screens and the internet. I was interested to read Kevin Parr’s blog about an unplanned internet break when a wi-fi problem left him cut off for ten days. “And it’s been rather nice. I’ve dusted off books rather than rely on Google, and [we] have talked and sat and watched and absorbed”. Sometimes an enforced break like this is the only way to remind ourselves of those stronger and deeper connections – to books, to people.

Another recent project we’ve worked on has made frequent reference to Henry David Thoreau – an author I have read so much about and yet never had the time to read. So as we approach half term and a trip up to Mull, I am very much looking forward to immersing myself in his book, Walden, and not just searching Google for apt quotes which will have to do for now:

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” – Henry David Thoreau

So, if you do something differently today, just try to take a little more time – whether it’s to say hello to someone rather than staring at your phone; to pick up a book rather than searching the internet; or to engage with nature – as I did when I admired the new growth on our conker tree. We can learn so much from nature if we just take a moment to observe it.


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