The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, editors get slightly bad press. We’re the ones who worry about where the apostrophe goes and the people who actually understand when to use ‘less’ or ‘fewer’. We might even get a bit hot under the collar just because you’ve got ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ the wrong way round. Our attention to detail is what defines us but we still have plenty of time for the bigger picture.

On Friday of last week, we were extremely proud to see the launch of the Sisters website. We’ve been liaising with the founder, Roz Savage, for months now, helping to shape the overall vision and realise the website along with reviewing and editing its many fascinating articles. We have been the ones dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but we’ve also loved being a part of the discussions about how best to establish this global initiative.

The Sisters is an overarching network of women’s networks, which invites women to embrace the most courageous version of themselves, and to join forces with other women, in order to become powerful agents for peace and sustainability. Together the Sisters will crowdsource projects that make the world a more harmonious and regenerative place for everyone.

The Sisters Quote Roz Savage 2

Conker House was established to champion creativity in publishing, to strengthen voices and to help our clients find a platform from which to be heard. The launch of the Sisters website feels like another important step along our journey. Roz was kind enough to say the following about our collaboration:

“I was so grateful for Jo and Emma’s input and guidance. Always prompt and efficient, they were a joy to work with. We share a passion for Excel spreadsheets and grammatical accuracy – and for amplifying women’s voices – so this really has been a professional match made in heaven.”


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