London Book Fair 2018: “Revitalising and exhausting”

So, LBF comes and goes for yet another year and we are left reflecting on what we have learnt from this year’s fair. When my older daughter asked me how it had gone, I found myself replying with the words, “Revitalising and exhausting”. If she’d answered one of my questions like that, I’m sure I … More London Book Fair 2018: “Revitalising and exhausting”

Conker House in Ghana: The Sabre Trust

Through our links with The Pelican Post, we’ve enjoyed some very enriching Ghanaian encounters which we have loved blogging about. However, it’s not the only collaboration which has allowed us to share our Conker House expertise with the schools of Ghana. Last summer, we embarked on our most ambitious project yet and felt very fortunate … More Conker House in Ghana: The Sabre Trust

It has been Conker House’s absolute pleasure to work with you this year. We wish you a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to collaborating with you again in the New Year. We also wanted to update you on what we have been up to and welcome you to get in touch with any … More

What’s in a hashtag? #NewPlasticsEconomy

One aspect of our work here at Conker House which has both surprised and delighted us is the range and breadth of material that we are immersed in. Our collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has found us delving into topics as diverse as textiles, plastics and urban and agricultural regeneration. We have found their … More What’s in a hashtag? #NewPlasticsEconomy

The Book of Dust

It seems as though we’re working our way through the Waterstones Book of the Year Shortlist having discussed The Lost Words last week and moving onto The Book of Dust today. Before anyone gets too nervous about spoilers, don’t worry, there aren’t any here – instead of exploring the book itself, we wanted to investigate … More The Book of Dust