The Lost Words

Given our recent lack of blog posts, this seems like an apt title to restart with. However, we have not so much been lost for words but lost in words with some rather major projects on our desks which we are gradually emerging from. And what better way to emerge than with this gem of … More The Lost Words

Conker House in Ghana

As we’ve discussed on our blog before, Conker House is proud to have strong links with the charity, The Pelican Post. At the moment, The Pelican Post is running a particularly exciting initiative known as ProjectKALA – Keeping African Languages Alive. Launched back in November 2015, we have now translated, printed and shipped 3,000 bilingual … More Conker House in Ghana

The Art of Pitching

Earlier this week, we enjoyed another stimulating evening at the London Writers’ Café giving tips on how to pitch your book to agents and publishers. We’ve spent most of our working careers either presenting books to acquisitions meetings in publishing houses, to sales teams or as agents to publishers. We love sharing this knowledge to … More The Art of Pitching

Seeing the World from a Different Perspective: Rivers Run by Kevin Parr

All sorts of books cross our desks here at Conker House Publishing Consultancy, but what unites them all is writing that is genuinely thought-provoking and encourages its readers to see the world from a different perspective. It’s exactly what we look for in the reading we do in our spare time too and it’s just … More Seeing the World from a Different Perspective: Rivers Run by Kevin Parr

London Book Fair: Beautiful Books for Us All

As the publishing world returns to a semblance of normality after the buzz of London Book Fair, we’re thinking about books again here at Conker House. Our last post posed the question: Do Adults Need World Book Day too? Having seen the many beautiful publications on a myriad of stands around Olympia last week, I felt the need to return to … More London Book Fair: Beautiful Books for Us All