For Writers

Do you have a book idea just bubbling away, but are not really sure if it could be a reality? Have you finished writing a text but don’t know what to do next?
Our Manuscript Evaluation service may be just what you need.

We offer support and guidance at both the concept and the writing stage. We will look at your first draft and tell you whether the idea could be commercially viable and ways in which you might want to tweak it to give yourself the best possible start on your publishing journey.

For complete manuscripts we offer a detailed analysis and report, showing how your manuscript could be developed and polished before sending it out to publishers.

The Idea Report

Send us your full manuscript if it is just a short picture book or a synopsis and sample if it is a longer work.

You will receive a one- to two-page report commenting on your book’s suitability for its readership, its language, tone and story structure, as well as the market potential.

Fee: £100 – £200

(Fee is dependent on word count of sample)

The Full Manuscript Evaluation Report

Send us your finished manuscript and we will read through it all, commenting on sections of the text in detail, suggesting structural and editorial changes to improve its flow and readability. We will mark up the manuscript itself and send a three- to five-page report of ideas on: plot, structure, language, tone, style, references, use of quotations, features and illustration, as appropriate. We will also offer guidance on the market for your book and how best to reach it, as well as the competition and how to better it.

Fee: £250 – £500

(For manuscripts up to 50,000 words, thereafter an additional £50 per 10,000 words you wish us to review, but we are more than happy to look at samples)

Concept and Proposal Development

Often titles are just not right for us as an agency, but an author may be struggling to connect with the agent or publisher that they’re after. We are frequently asked to help people develop their ideas and hone their proposals to make them ready to pitch to the right publisher or agent for them. Having worked in busy publishing departments, we know that unsolicited proposals are often rejected within a few minutes. It can be as little as a spelling error in the covering letter or a title which just doesn’t sound appealing that will mean your proposal ends up on the ‘no’ pile. Frustratingly, you may not receive a detailed reason as to why they don’t wish to pursue the project and you can be left feeling disappointed by the whole experience. It is important to remember that publishers receive hundreds of proposals and they simply can’t always give feedback and justify their decisions.

However, there are things you can do to increase the chances of your proposal getting past that initial ‘no’ onto the ‘maybe’ or even ‘yes’ pile. A strong covering letter, a clear and commercially aware synopsis and a well-written and sharp sample piece will definitely put you one step ahead of the others.

We can help you hone your idea, proposal and extracts to give you as much confidence in them as possible.

Send us your synopsis, your covering letter and your sample piece and we will help you create a polished proposal and offer advice on potential agents or publishers to approach.

Fee: £150 – £200

If you are not sure which of these would suit your situation best, email us at and we will advise you.